Do your Kids Read a Book or Listen to Audiobooks?

If it’s about the Titanic then he’s all in and I’m trying to remember all the highlights.

Tasty Tuesday – Chicken Paella

Tasty Tuesday Time! Chicken Paella is quick, easy and tasty meal to fix when you’re running short on time for dinner. I usually fix a big batch so that we have leftovers and for second servings 😂 I’m looking forward to trying my hand at Seafood Paella with some of my favorite seafoods. Can’t waitContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday – Chicken Paella”

Plant-Based Spaghetti & Meatballs

Hey Everybody……. I’m Starting my “Tasty Tuesdays” content where I’ll be sharing some of my recipe creations or a twist on old favorites with a tasty easy recipes.  There’s nothing like sitting down to a hearty and tasty meal with my family especially when I mix the recipe up a bit. With RJ’s allergies andContinue reading “Plant-Based Spaghetti & Meatballs”

Parenting Through Quarantine

It’s all fun, games and tons of laughs until you remember that you are now Mom, Teacher, Computer Technician, Homemaker, Full Time Chef, Stuffed Animal Wrangler, Lego pieces and train track finder.

“I Said I Want the Red Bowl!” Responding to… | PBS KIDS for Parents

As we all adjust to homeschooling during the COVID-19 outbreak and these uncertain times. Change can be hard for everyone and that is multiplied for children. We have to remember that our childrens schedules and their sense of structure has been upended. They are missing their teachers, friends, schedule play dates and extra curricular activities.Continue reading ““I Said I Want the Red Bowl!” Responding to… | PBS KIDS for Parents”

Love Has Everything To Do With It.

We have to start sowing seeds of Love and Positivity in our children early and reinforce at every opportunity.

YMCA Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

YMCA South Florida Water Safety and Drowning Prevention efforts highlighted through their Mommy Bloggers Influencer Event.